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Bichon Frise needing surgery if you could please help

Posted by BFW on 12th Oct 2016

My very good friend is trying to raise some monies to get surgery on her little Bichon Frise Frankie.Frankie has grade 4 bilateral luxating patellas. He came to me free at age 9 months with these. The prior Owner did not disclose this to me. Frankie will have his first knee surgery on Nov 1, and his second 3 months later. Frankie will be 2 years old on Oct 24, 2016.

On a personal level I have known his mum Sandie for many many years and throughout that time she rescued her own "flock", helps with local rescues and anytime you need her she has been there. This is her time now to receive some help from us so please, if you can donate a small amount to her cause. Thanks everyone x 

PS if you are US based you can mail it directly to the vet:

Johnson Veterinary Hospital

160 Winthrop Avenue

Lawrence, MA 01843

Or phone 978-794-0022. Be sure to let them know it is for Frankie Sammartano